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List of products by manufacturer Nikel Cosmetics

Nikel Cosmetics – where knowledge about plants meets luxury natural cosmetics.

Nikel Cosmetics was created by Mirjana Brlečić, after many years spent as a pharmacist selling premium skincare brands. In addition to her on-hands experience in skincare sales, Mirjana is also a globally acclaimed scientist, holding a Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Science from University of Zagreb, Croatia. 

Her extensive experience selling luxury skincare, offered Mirjana a valuable insight into consumer skincare needs and habits. One of the primary revelations for Mirjana was that customers were coming back after using the luxury skin products with various skin concerns. To Mirjana, it was obvious these products did not offer an answer to many skin issues and were more often than not, creating them. This perception and understanding of issues with existing skincare brands paired with a scientific knowledge of ingredients and traditional herbal medicine as a pharmacist was the motivation for Mirjana for creating the Nikel Cosmetics.

By marrying two basic principles:
1) knowledge about the efficacy of active plant ingredients and
2) knowledge about modern cosmetic technology

Mirjana created a range of products that are not only natural in its ingredients, but also have modern luxurious textures and work in synchronicity with the skin.

As she likes to put it: “Nikel products contain only what your skin needs and what your skin wants”
Led by her motto: What is good for your body from the inside is also good for it from the outside, Mirjana set on a mission to use her know-how to create products that would:
1) use traditional active plant ingredients
2) be clean from ingredients that are not beneficial for the skin
3) have targeted efficacy for most common skin problems
4) use natural preservatives
5) be as organic as possible
6) have luxurious modern textures

These goals are best translated today into Nikel’s “luxurious golden 12 PLANT ELIXIR”, who is also Nikel’s best seller.

Nikel Cosmetic range contains only products that are clean, safe, effective and natural and who feel luxurious on the skin. This has been widely recognized by the industry, which has resulted in Nikel Cosmetics products being awarded with numerous industry awards for natural products and innovation worldwide.

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With help of Alpine Rose Stem Cells, this tonic supports capacity for skin repair and for the increase of skin's own stem cell...
Anti-Wrinkle Elixir is a composition of natural oils and extracts from 12 plants, intended for intensive care.  It helps...
This cleansing milk with specially chosen plant extracts and essences, without mineral oils or alcohol, will make your skin...
NIKEL Evening Primrose Oil restores the epidermis by retaining moisture in its deepest layers. With just a few drops of this...
Rich Lip Balm that can be used on any dry area of your skin. Contains rich Vanilla, Orange and Immortelle oils. For dry and...
NIKELHIDRIS Eye Cream is a rich hydrating cream containing a vitamin complex that postpones development of wrinkles and horse...
NIKELHIDRIS is a luxurious cream that provides 24 hours hydration for the deepest layers of your skin. Removes signs of fatigue...
NIKELIFT Eye Cream is a rich cream for deep anti-wrinkle eye and lip care. Helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines and signs of...
A rich anti-aging cream that helps restore the epidermis, stimulate collagen and elastin production. It smooths wrinkles and...
NIKELNUTRIS is a rich nourishing cream for intensive care of dry and sensitive skin. It is based on a classic pharmaceutical...

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