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List of products by manufacturer Sormé Cosmetics

Sormé Professional Skincare cosmetics was developed with the makeup artist and skincare professional in mind.

Every product has been developed to accomplish a primary goal: To make available a high grade professional quality makeup line that can be used on all clients without the risk of causing any undesirable reaction or side effects. This has been the Sormé advantage... Makeup artists around the world have trusted their work and reputation to our entire range of quality products for over twenty years.

Sormé is the Egyptian name for the natural black ‘Kohl’ substance used by queens and princesses to enhance their eyes; ‘the mirror of the soul.’ Dating back to the 4th millennium, it was Cleopatra who made this intensely pigmented black powder a sensation with her exotic eye makeup. ‘Kohl’ is still used today to create the mysterious allure that is truly timeless.

Introduction to Sormè Cosmetic Products

Sormè Cosmetics believes superb make-up must be both glamorous and beneficial to your skin - the living canvas for every colour. For over 22 years, Sormè has teamed up with professional makeup artists and the finest formulators around the world to bring you an exceptional blend of traditional beauty wisdom and advanced technology in every product. Sormè is a brand that approaches makeup from a skin care point of view. A sophisticated, multi-tasking line of makeup.

Sormè is global brand with presence in the U.S, Canada, Central and South America, Asia, the Middle East, 12 European Countries and is now in South Africa!

Sormè is formulated with clinically proven peptides, natural antioxidant botanicals, natural minerals, vitamins and sunscreens which help protect your skin as rich colour pigments enhance your natural beauty.

Sormè is an Award Winning makeup line and a regular on the pages of Beauty Launchpad, Dayspa and Dersmascope industry magazines as well as People and Allure magazines. Our products are known and used by celebrity makeup artists and stylists as their ‘secret weapon’ to create their vision of glowing skin, pouty lips and captivating eyes.

Today, Sormè is the makeup of choice for top Hollywood film studios and celebrities.

Natural Botanicals
Sormè Cosmetics is formulated with natural botanicals such Aloe, Cucumber, Green Tea, Comfrey, and Shea Butter to name a few. This line also utilises vitamins and minerals to nurture and enrich the skin. Sormé Cosmetics are for everyone, you are never too young to start pampering your skin.

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Works for slim or jumbo pencils. Bottom container kindly holds pencil shavings.  
Sensational Brows are Easy with the Always Perfect Brow kit! Make sparse, faint, or over-tweezed brows look fabulous! This kit...
This firm, tapered natural hair brush fits eye contour and outer eye area for depth and dimension.
Give your skin luminous, sunny summer glam instantly with this micro-fine swirled bronzer. Available in 2 shades  ** Indicate...
This slightly glistening formula adds gorgeous luminosity while it warms your skin tone. Available in 3 shades  ** Indicate...
The Ultimate Concealer.. This concentrated creamy concealer completely covers under eye darkness, brown spots, blemishes, and...
Our versatile wet/dry powder foundation is fragrance free. This superb, silky makeup provides beautiful, flawless coverage...
Sormé Treatment Cosmetics Professional Makeup Brushes are of the highest quality and have been designed by a team of...
Sormé Treatment Cosmetics Professional Makeup Brushes are of the highest quality and have been designed by a team of...
Give your brows a sexy, eye-catching ‘lift’ and brighten your eyes for the most wide-awake look ever. This smooth creamy...
Color, shape, and add thickness to your brows instantly! Two Brow Coloring Powders mix for a perfectly natural look. A Brow...
Why not have your own personally designed professional face pallet? The Sormé Professional/Student Face Palette comes with...
Sweep away even waterproof mascara with this thorough cleansing yet extremely gentle oil-free formula. Botanical Chamomile and...
This compact makeup mirror has two mirrors, one at 3 times magnifying power and another at normal power.  Because it is so...
Sormé Treatment Cosmetics Professional Makeup Brushes are of the highest quality and have been designed by a team of...

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