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List of products by manufacturer Cobefit

The Cobefit ThermoSculpt was designed by Connie B, Author, Speaker, Business Owner and fitness enthusiast who's desire to spot train and achieve a slim waist without losing curves goes back to her days of training for fitness competitions.

When you wear the Thermosculpt you will quickly experience sweating within minutes with or without exercise.

"The Thermosculpt completely transformed my waist. I used to have to do 4-5 hours of cardio per week to achieve a flat stomach but coincidently I lost my curves especially my chest. It is possible to spot train your waist with the Thermosculpt and now the Thermothin. If your lower half is your problem area, our Bodysculpt pants are the talk of the town and are a must have to keep your booty and thighs in check". - Connie B, CEO Bhebhe Groupe.

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Bodysculpt Pants (Black) Often called the "anti-cellulite" pants, these fitness pants offer more than any other gym wear pants...
On sale! Cobefit: Bodysculpt Set
Bodysculpt Set (Black) Pants and Vest  Our BodySculpt wear is the new secret to sweating faster, sweating more, reducing...
Bodysculpt Vest (Black) The vest works to sweat out stubborn back cleavage.  (Available in Small, medium and Large) small fits...
Thermosculpt Unisex Waist Slimming Belt (Large) **Colours may vary** Large: 124cm, fits people 118cm or smaller If you are...
Thermosculpt Unisex Waist Slimming Belt (Medium) **Colours may vary** Medium: 107cm, fits people 102cm or smaller If you are...
Thermosculpt Unisex Waist Slimming Belt (Small) **Colours may vary** Small 91cm, fits people 86cm or smaller If you are within...

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