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List of products by manufacturer Bio Ionic

The unique Bio Ionic products and system were the first ever to be patented and dominate the global market. Without the natural mineral the wave pattern of hair cannot be changed nor can the hair be rejuvenated.

Fernando Romero first discovered the science of harnessing natural ions while traveling in Japan. There he discovered the power of natural negative ions. He visited many salons and became aware of a revolutionary treatment that stylists were using to retexturize and condition wiry coarse asian hair. This discovery and exploration led him to develop and perfect the Bio Ionic® Professional Haircare System. Bio Ionic® has developed NanoIonic&trade Mineral; to make natural Negative Ions benefit the hair. Specifically, Bio Ionic® uses Negative Ions, naturally produced by charged minerals found deep within the earth, to micronize water molecule clusters. This allows hydrating molecules to penetrate the hair shaft to condition, strengthen, smooth or curl hair, without damage. This process is called IonTransformation™ and is used in Bio Ionic's retexturizing system, NanoIonic™ styling tools and haircare products.

Fernando Romero, Bio Ionic's founder & CEO has dedicated his life to enhancing the creative world of beauty and high fashion. His knowledge and talents have made him a world-renowned expert in his field. Fernando started his career at the prestigious Vidal Sassoon Salon in Beverly Hills, where he personally trained under Vidal Sassoon. He worked his way up from apprentice, to Artistic Director, to International Artistic Director, and ultimately to President for Salons and Academies in North America. Fernando created and conceptualized trend setting styles such as the 'Firefly' and 'French Beret' and trained thousands of professionals in cities around the world. His hair designs have been featured in runway shows of fashion greats such as Christian Dior, Jean Patou, Ungaro and Kansai. Fernando's work has graced magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Mademoiselle and continues to be featured in fashion and beauty magazines worldwide.

He travels extensively conducting shows and seminars to share this exciting new technology with haircare professionals worldwide. He resides in Beverly Hills with his wife Kay, and their three sons.

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It’s an ultra-light and extremely quiet conditioner with a long cord. Created and  designed to generate and release Ionised air...
OnePass® 1.5” Nano-Ceramic Straightening Iron The Fastest Straightening Iron Ever! The OnePass Iron represents a true...

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